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q: How long will my rhinestone transfers last?
a: If cared for properly and applied correctly, the design will last the life of the garment.

q: How can I was my T­shirt?
a:You can wash it inside out in washing machine in 30­40 degree.

q: Can I order only the design?
a:Yes, you can order designs and iron on them for your own product.

q: What can I decorate with the design?
a: You can decorate anything what you can iron in high temperature.

q: Can I cancel my order?
a: You have to write us & call us to check your order. If we started to make your custom product we can't cancel it, because it's a personalized order. If you call us in time then we can cancel your order or can change things on that.

q: How big is a rhinestone design?
a: Please care that our rhinestone designs are not resizable!!! They are nearly 20cm. If the design is smaller that you can see in the description.

q: Can you make my own design/logo?
a:Of course! :) You can send your design to our e­mail: and we can create your custom T­shirt.